Rumor Has It… #13


oge nu
Sorry for the delay. My wi-fi has been showing me pepper 😦 Enjoy
Previous Episode
Teni dropped her plate, the potatoes suddenly felt like cement in her stomach.
“What do you mean Tejiri is your ex-wife? How’s that even possible?”
Kachi stood staring at her for a few seconds without answering.
“Kachi, I’m asking you! How is it possible that Tejiri is your ex-wife?”
“You’re gonna tell me ‘I told you so’”
Teni got up from the bed and raised both palms up as if restraining him from coming closer
“Don’t do that! Don’t do that right now. Apparently you have some serious explaining to do and I’m waiting for it to happen right now!”
“Tejiri is Cynthia. The woman I married. The one I told you about. Tejiri is her native name.”
“I don’t care about her native name. I’m wondering why the story she told me is utterly…

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