LOOK RIGHT THROUGH ME.                                 

             I remember it so clearly,

Voices kept telling me time will breeze by,

But I wasn’t holding my breath.

            In these years of growth, heartache,

Laughter, loss, gain and development

 I have come to learn about me.

           Autumn 2009 unleashed a scrawny,

Skinny little gal from up North into the new

And unfamiliar world of the west.

           Braving the unknown made her stronger,

In time growth and development came. In the area

Of physical, intellectual, mental, emotional, spiritual and

            The t most special and precious to her didn’t garner

The attention she desired, yet the most oblivious to her drew

It in folds.

              Spring 2012 molded, packaged and delivered a woman,

This was obvious to everyone but her.

              And so, the curve of her hips,

The swell of her breast,

A rounded bottom, long legs and a pretty face.

This has now defined her, without asking, without trying and without intent; she had been labelled.

Her best assets are the last to be noticed. Second by second she releases a piece of her,

sowing the fruits the crowd are not buying.

she places value on her heart and mind. Yet her most prized possessions are out shined by physical traits clamouring for her attention.

Her priceless smile brings up the eyes of those who would rather glance (stare) lower. Day by day she redefines herself, pushing these to the forefront.




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