happy valentines day……………….


like red wine swirling in an oval glass,


with its elegant stem holding it up

like a bottle of well aged scotch,

Talisker Scotch whisky image by Jean Lemoine

old with the wisdom of drowning sorrows with each shot,

So, i sip this wine with the sophistication of a sommelier.

i savor each drink u pour out, burning its way into me,

searing away all my doubts till all i inhale is you.

loosing my train of thought till all i think is you……..

A bottle may cause me to forget, but only you can intoxicate…..

this glass runs empty……

with you i am constantly refreshed….

                                                                   *(to be continued)happy valentines day

    (this is me trying out ma hand at love/romantic writing/poems….lol)…..



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