Who Am I?

 This post contains religious content. Viewer discretion advised.

I  am the girl with 3 ‘S’ names. I am The daughter of Yahweh, bride of Christ, Lover of Elyon.

Who am I? You may ask,

I am woman, wife and mother in a few years. The epitome of virtue, the Proverbs 31 woman.

The Esther of my world, with kings standing in line, waiting on me. I am The Ruth to my Boaz.

I am Bethsheba, broken, forgiven, favored and loved by the Most High.

I am Rehab grafted into the family of God, even in my unbelieving, undeserving and prostituting state. Redeemed, cleansed, justified and glorified.

I am Kathryn Khulman, defying the norm of things, unashamed of the gospel, taking it to the world.

I am Gloria Copeland, Faith Oyedepo, Joyce Meyer, Abigail (David’s wife) and all the female saints who are wives, mothers, nurturing their husbands and family to their best and fullest potential, while also shining their lights, seasoning and spicing up the world.

I am a joint heir with Christ, God’s anointed (a touch not), the apple of God’s eye. A greater than Oyedepo, bill gates, the sultans, Copeland and the rest.

I suck the breast and milk of kings according to Isaiah 60. I am she who has the gentiles as an inheritance.

See I am flexible, not just physically…lol. But in the sense that,

I am clay being molded,

A canvas, every stroke revealing beauty, a plan, a story, a journey…

An epistle, telling the life of Jesus,

A Symphony  to a full blown orchestra.

I am a vessel unto honor.

Stone, wood, being sculpted by the ultimate sculptor.

I am that strobe of light travelling a billion light years at the speed of sound, blinding and chasing away the darkness, while reflecting the father of lights, emanating His glory through my works.

I am any and everything the great artist, author, architect, director, producer and creator wants me to be.

Truth is I don’t got it together, most times I feel like I am just winging it, lost, groping around, trying to find my way. Analyzing and trying to figure and solve everything I don’t understand.

But I glory in my weaknesses, because it is only then that I lean on God’s strength, dwelling under His shadow, letting Him take the wheel.

I am the heart broken every time I see injustice around me, too close to home. I am the heart bleeding every time I do nothing and walk away.

Yet I am the eyes now open, the C.E.O stopping this one N.G.O at a time. No longer will I spectate, watching, doing nothing. I am a doer. So I am standing up (how many will stand up with me? Soldiers, warriors…ready to make a change).

Alas!!! I am a vital cord, strong, holding the tapestry, threading through it, colorfully embedded in God’s master plan.

I am a poet, writer, spoken word artist with an easy and killer smile that can heal and cure anything chocolate can’t…lol.

Thing is, there isn’t a page long enough for me to tell you fully who I am. But I can do you better, Because as visual beings, all you have to do is watch me unravel in the potters hand, subduing, dominating and replenishing(we human’s have forgotten how to replenish) as a queen ought to, but doing it better because I am a god. I have put on Christ, Christ in me the hope of glory.

Years from now after I die, who I am will be the answer to a lot of prayers.





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