tired prt 2

I am tired of paying a lot for a dress just to end up with a blouse parading as a dress and leggings are suddenly pants.

I am tired of valueless and low moral standard people dictating to me what the moral code should be.

I am tired of the blame game.we all have some sorry story,excuse,reason or fact and it’s usually someone’s fault.

And most of all, i am tired of people saying they cant wait to be on their own,taking responsibilities,having responsibilities, when they wouldn’t know responsibility even if it slapped,spanked or smacked them upside  the head.

       So embrace who you are,own up to your failures and mistakes,because it is only then that you can move forward.take responsibility for your actions and stop looking for who to blame.start again,live your life to the fullest and know that opportunities may not come once in a life time,but they certainly don’t come the same way twice.


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