Third Culture Wife.

(would like to point out that this piece and ”goodbye finally” are not from a real break up, relationship wise, but,  i was inspired. A series of events led to my writing these. I also had other things and people in my life i needed to say goodbye to and was hoping others felt the same way.)I got caught up in the idea of us, that i lost me.

I gave into the comfort you offered,

the familiarity you represent(ed) that i dreaded change.

You embodied all that i had come to know, and my memory’s full of you.

  So you became like an old couch,wrinkled, threadbare and musty.

yet i kept you around.

you became a permanent fixture i wasn’t ready to be rid of.

i treated you with care so you wouldn’t be ruined.

I gave you attention and time,

I nurtured, and i pampered to…

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