This is an article I wrote about a year ago, I’m yet to sleep and it’s 4:20am; I’ve been doing what I love to do-stalking wedding blogs, I just stumbled on a blog that isn’t set on weddings, it’s about the blogger’s private experiences, she happens to be a bride that I stalked for quite a while: journey to malta is the blog, if you can you should visit it. To the post of today, Happy reading.


I really don’t know how to start this write-up. What I feel now is more psychological than physical, I can’t say what exactly it is but it’s close to weariness-if not more.

I’m presently thinking to myself that the times people said I was immature, childish, or whatever maybe they were right. I’ve just behaved like a child; if I’m to excuse my behavior I’ll probably use the excuse ‘everyone…

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