same ole same ol(29ty-jan-2013).

just chilling in the conference room waiting for the next class. Engaged in idle and vain chatter, boisterous laughter’s being barked out at every corner.

it’s interesting how when idleness is the order of the day we engage in discussions that have no usefulness or benefits. The topics brought up are unpredictable, somewhat racy and mostly unhealthy.We end up talking about things that wouldn’t cross our minds on a normal day. You get visual images that make your conscience balk and leaves you empty.

Okay, so the topic of discussion is getting too personal and very uncomfortable for me even though its not about me.So i take a step back (mentally), scout and survey the area, spot an empty seat just outside the circle. i plug in my earpiece, increase the volume of my music player and try to relax and get myself into a creative mood hoping to write something really nice.

But alas, loud laughter and well expressed opinions catch my attention drawing me out of my newly entered zone. so i need a walk. a very short walk. i take the opportunity to go collect my textbook and sign for it. didn’t take long to do that even though d walk had it’s moments, am back in the conference room. waiting for something to grab my attention.

i go with good music and wait patiently for something, anything.

instead, here i am, sifting through my thought, editing,deleting and organizing. the cool thing is that even though the tempo of the noise and laughter has increased, it doesn’t disturb me anymore. Either I’m just so into writing this now, or I’m really enjoy my song (lol!!!!).

Well gotta go, its time for class chao…………


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