We’ve never met

but we would’ve been close.

we’ve never seen but our resemblance is sure.

You would’ve loved hanging out with me.

hey precious,

you are loved

you are long awaited

arms that have wanted to hold you,

smiles to be shone on you,

kisses to be bestowed on you.

Hey princess,

you would have been here by now,

we would have met,

shared our first moment.

our first toothed grin.

looked into eyes so big and brown like yours.

hey precious,

your mom cried when you didn’t show up.

precious you didn’t take long to change your mind,

did you know your mom cried when you let go?ย your dad held her and was strong for them both.

precious, she’s spent sleepless nights missing you.

precious you’d have been tall and slim just like your mama.

silky long tresses would grace your head.

precious i know you didn’t reject us.

you thought about it and decided to stay with Elyon.

but precious guess what we understand and still love you. this world could be very scary especially from your point of view.

Beautiful, we promise to take care of this new one. she is loved and rooted in our hearts already. we anticipate her arrival.

i guess you have that cheeky grin on now, well as long as you keep praying from your vintage point, we’re good. haha. XOXO…..


4 thoughts on “precious”

  1. I thought i knew the power that comes with this piece but reading it, i was sold into it. I really love the angle from which you took it-no flattery; my prayer is this new little one, let’s call her ‘special’ will bring smiles for many years to come to your faces.


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