love. freely given

It’s wonderful how God works and its amazing when humans fumble in confusion and fear while try to explain away His acts and His hand. Most people refuse to acknowledge Him for the fear of not measuring up or having to change their lives. Others don’t want to be left or or be different so they’ll rather ignore and pretend that He’s not there.

The painful part is that though humans act and behave like God has forsaken them, they can’t be farther than the truth. In the end, they’re the one rejecting His love freely given, no reservations, no assumptions and no hidden agenda.

It’s like some one with a case of unrequited love, but in this case both parties have love in mind while one refuses to yield to that given on a platter of gold.

We could pretend and tell ourselves we are spiritual, but where do we draw the line? where is faith, love, sacrifice, service,trust, surrender? where is the place of the savior?

Has he come courting and you pushed Him away?

Did He dial your number and you let it go to voice mail? or did you hang up before the conversation could get anywhere?

Has He become a genie to you? a magician? one who is at your beck and call? one you call when you are in trouble and ignore when you’re good?

Are we throwing it back in His face? pushing Him aside.

Funny how when things don’t cost us anything we don’t value it but when we hurt, struggle, loose and feel pain, we suddenly know there’s someone we could turn to. Or the most common, we choose to blame Him instead.

Where is God’s place in your life?


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