speech in progress

We were all given a personal project to choose a path if we indeed intend to pursue speaking publicly or in other words public speaking.

The most prominent rule and advice was that we had to specialize not be all over the place i.e jack of all trades master of none. ‘’find a niche’’ (he said) and write something on it. This shouldn’t have been hard because I know what my passion is. So, how difficult can this be? I’ll have a speech ready in less than a day.

Well as I came to find out it wasn’t that easy, that’s why people like Ben Carson, John Maxwell, Fela Durotoye and the rest get paid the big bucks when they are called upon to speak.

The area of my passion is humanity; humanitarian works if you wish. My goal is to reduce the population of jail, child beggars and hawkers, under age marriages and the virus known as ignorance from tightening its clutches around the necks of my people.

So I thought I’ll go round to schools, homeless shelters, orphanages and the likes and talk to these kids about life and what they’ll miss if they let themselves be bullied, brain washed and pushed into the same life style as their predecessors. I tried to work a plan out that will help me not to move into areas of human development and motivation or even leadership.

The more I tried not to move away, the more difficult it became to write my speech, until it dawned on me that saving these kids entails motivation and development, their esteems  had to be restored and confidence given back to them. By giving encouraging words, advice and help, did not mean I was diverting or moving away from my passion.

There are thousands of children on the streets in Nigeria alone left alone Africa as a whole. We have several in orphanages while others are starving and unaccounted for. These children are starving while adults who are well privileged, rich and comfortable are at a loss as of what to do with all their money that they end up buying $20 million houses in Venice and ordering customized yachts, cars, phones and all manner of devices just to satisfy their vanity.

One person can’t save the world; it has to be a collective effort from all of us. We have to make a difference, we are the ones to take these children off the streets if there’s any hope for the future generation.

Rudyard Kipling said that ‘’someday you will meet a man who cares for none of these things. Then you will know how poor you are’’.

If all we care about is money, we will meet people who have more, if all we want are devices and material things, we will meet people who have more ‘’toys’’ than they care to count. So why not make the most of what God has given you and sow into the lives of the future generation.

Ludivig Van Beethoven said ‘’ I have never thought of writing for reputation and honor, what I have in my heart must come out that is the reason why I compose’’.

The reason why I speak is because I have a passion for children, their innocence, talents and idea’s waiting to come out. With the right attention and care they will indeed be all they were created to be.

And your reward as a human is the two toothed grin you will get at the end of the day.


4 thoughts on “speech in progress”

  1. Caught by the fact that one person cannot save the world, i know that is true. it goes like this: all men in the world, fight their own individual battles, but we all fight this battle collectively. we are all in a war front as battalions of soldier but we all fight one person each, i cannot fight your own enemy if not, my own enemy will take advantage of that to kill me. so we all fight our individual battles, but we do this a battalions of soldier. so that when we triumph, we celebrate together, glorifying God


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