me thoughts.

this happened while i was in 200level.found it today, decided to post it.hope u like.

Dear self today I woke up quiet but satisfied and happy, along the way that sense of serenity, peace and comfort deserted me. For the past few days, I’ve prided myself in not replying or accepting the unconscious bait being thrown at me. I chose a vow of silence but I don’t know what made me believe we could have a compatible argument accept each others view and come out none the wiser, agree to disagree. The phrase ‘’shaking with anger’’ got a whole new definition today. I never knew I was capable of that, I’d even experienced it once in this Omega semester during a constructive argument in GST222 class, but I didn’t know that’s what it was until this hour when it happened again. I keep finding myself defending my people my race when I don’t have to. Everybody’s got a history, a skeleton they’re hiding, an excuse, an opinion. We’re all offering opinions on how other people should live their lives(while still trying to be politically correct) or how they should act and behave like there’s some kind of status quo they have to live up to. We condemn them yet we expect them to take into consideration our advices, our opinions, and our views. We’ve not lived with this people, we don’t know their story, purpose or destiny, we had it good and we expect them to catch up on something we had going on for hundreds of years, we’ve not eaten with them, stayed with them, studied them to understand them, not use those findings against them but yet we expect them to be better. We can’t expect to over throw culture, tradition, religion that has been nurtured or cultivated for thousands of years to be over thrown in hundred. Education, reason and every other thing might be biased, selfish, defined by what we’ve heard, thought, nurtured or cultivated in our minds or by other peoples ideologies or opinions.
Tradition gave them order, culture gave them unity, religion gave them purpose and belonging, salvation and protection, camaraderie with humans who they didn’t even know existed, or could inhabit the same space as them. Education has many definitions and concepts, ideologies E.T. C. but I have a question, if one is educated, does that give him enlightenment and stops him from being ignorant? Does it guarantee that his thinking, facts and opinions would not be based on other people’s finding but by self discovery? Honesty and separating one’s self from all other things that you might have known or heard?



7 thoughts on “me thoughts.”

  1. Well education to me is more of enlightnment after which a person goes thru d journey of self discovery….it could also involve d use of other people’s findings as well all know no man is an island………


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