SEE (my eyes, my mind, my vision)

this piece is for my friend toby a.k.a smallz photography.His work is beautiful and i wrote something from both our perspectives.(below is a picture he worked on)


I see the world differently, i savor the moments.

i see emeralds in the landscape, diamonds and jewels in the night sky.

i see the beautiful golden sunrise and the amazing orange sunset.

i cherish the undisturbed peace and serenity nature provides.the moments when the sky kisses the ocean, the waves lick the sands and the eagle soars to the mountains peak. the fleeting fireflies brilliantly lighting up the dark and dancing in careless abandon.

i see the owl perched regally staring down any and everyone.

These are the rare moments  i treasure.I wish the world could see things the way i do, to freeze them and gaze upon them and remind myself of the beautiful things in life i don’t want to take for granted. And  then a baby smiles and the whole world lights up. these are the moments i capture.

I capture through my mind, my vision, my eyes, MY LENSES.  I want the world to see through my eyes.


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