my friend.

while in class, my friends were a little down and bored, two of them to be precise. in between concentrating and zooming out, i came up with a piece on both of them.

so here it goes.

My friend is an enigma, she gives you glimpses of her feelings and thoughts.

she opens up in rare moments, you have to look to see, you have to know what to look for.

shes a stand alone series who’s  story keeps evolving.

My friend is an open book, she’s expressive, passionate, kind and emotional. she can be hurt easily, and when she cares, she dosen’t hold back.

   My friend is a well of personality that swallows you up and takes you by surprise.

My friend is complicated, but only if you think her to be, then you’ll never understand her.

MY friend is a bucket of cold water. A breath of fresh air, a wealth of knowledge, but most of all, my friend is a dreamer with a carefree laughter that startles you at first, but is very infectious.



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