just me

 I might come across as silly, my childlike attitude might make you think me unexposed.

My smile and face may make you think me naive.

I don’t go around with my heart on my sleeve. my scars might not show, but they’re there, up on the shelf with the other trophies I’ve won and earned.

You may believe my dreams, hopes, aspirations and ambitions as unattainable and ridiculous. that dosen’t stop me from believing in them, in dreaming and envisioning them as happening.

You may have sen it all and assume am sheltered and spoiled, imagining I’ve seen nothing.I’ve seen humanity at its worst. seen humans become animals, experienced barbarism.but i still choose to smile and be happy.

just because i still can.

so, i might come across as all those things and i hope you continue to think that, because when i do the seemingly impossible and achieve the unimaginable, I hope you’ll be there, dazed, stupefied with jaws dropping.


9 thoughts on “just me”

  1. U know i thought u were brilliant like nobody else. Through ur writing i see u in a new light. They say a prophet has no honor in his own home (paraphrased) but i salute u, ur work is simply profound!

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